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How to setting up a blog for Ad Sense Using Word Press?

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If you feel that you are a good writer, then you might want to setting up a blog. There is software for that setting up a blog and it is not a tedious process. In fact, it is a simple process, when you know how to go about things. Before we move on to that topic, you will want to know, why to open a blog, set up a blog.

If you did not know, blogging is one of the best ways through which you can make money online. You just need to post content that is relevant to your blog. The best part about blogging is that, you can write about anything you want to. That is some freedom. You just need writing skills and add some spice that ensures your readers are intrigued with what they are reading.

setting up a blog -

Setting up a blog

Now, you would have heard about Google Ad Sense. It is not a commonly used word, but among bloggers, Google Ad Sense is a known thing. You would want to familiarize yourself with terms like Word Press too. Word Press is a platform that provides you with the ability to start blogs. Once they have designed the blogs, the individual immediately start to post content.

Though it is a good thing, you will not want to expect visitors coming to your blog. That is most unlikely to happen. Unless you know how to properly make use of Google Ad Sense, you will never be able to make money on the internet. You should know search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of online marketing techniques which enable your blog to get more visitors.

server settings -

Server settings

It helps you to market your blog on the internet and provide you with visitors. How does that work?  When the visitors want information on the internet, they type in the keywords which they were looking for. It can be anything. They use keywords to search for what they are looking for. When they type the keywords, they get the results on the internet.

That is why you will want to learn all about search engine optimization (SEO). Once you know how SEO can affect the online rankings of your blog, you will want to make use of the appropriate keywords on your blog. Merely putting up the Google Ad Sense on your blog, will not help you make money for your blog.

 get a domain name -

Get a domain name

You will want to make sure that you first are able to build up your traffic and then add the Google Ad Sense. Getting a domain name is something you will want to understand. Configuring name server settings is something you would want to know. The name of your blog is a vital part for any website.

Once you are done there, the installing Word Press is left out. You will want to register on the Word Press website using a login and password. When you are done there you can start writing your blog using Word Press. The key to get high traffic rank is to use search engine optimization techniques which can improve your online search results.

 install word press -

Install word press

Happy blogging!



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