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How to get top 10 position in Google?

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Many of them wonder how to get top 10 positions in Google, the answer is very simple, it is to follow the formula of Pagerank, and it is a method of generating more traffic to the website or by selling more products.

In this article, we would know the idea about “Pagerank”, and how this Pagerank formula is useful to get top 10 positions in google, and what exactly google looks for to get top 10 results in it ?

Increase the  Pagerank
Pagerank works, when your website links are submitted in the unique links, as many times website links appears in the google, it is counted as a vote for your website kinks, the more backlinks you get in the google, more free traffic is generated.

There are some websites, with higher Pagerank, if we submit our details, and links to such higher ranking backlinks, the site or link we submit will have a sudden increase in the rate of the Pagerank value. The site is the one that has higher Pagerank. Though it is improbable, we can also try to increase our Pageranks realistically through below mentioned three methods as follows.

increase page rank -

Increase page rank

Blog Submission and Comments Posting
Firstly we can submit or post blogs with links or comments regularly will help to increase Pagerank. Secondly we can find for some free-minded website, after contacting the webmaster by email of the free-minded website, you can offer them to put your link to their website, and they do same for you.

Blog Submission -

Blog Submission

Third, you can also set page on your website called “Links”, where you will put all your links to other websites. You can also use this method in other free-minded website for free, and to generate easy traffic.

There are also some FFA (Free for Alls) sites, avoid it at any costs because they are a waste of time and money, as these FFA sites with bundles of irrelevant links usually have low page ranks. These are websites that from appearances alone, they will allow you to place your link to their website either for free or a small charge to add your Page Rank

comments posting -

Comments posting

Therefore use of FFAs may work to increase your page rank at the slow rate; it is also definitely working very hard for little rewards, so to increase your Pageranks, we should be careful in choosing backlinks or websites, to post our links.



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